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2 Responses to Subscription Confirmation

  1. Nancy Mundt says:

    Hello McMillans!
    My Great x7 Grandfather was Angus McMillan and his wife was Katherine McGogan, both from Campbeltown. I am very interested in knowing who is father and ancesters were…I am looking to go even further back. However, one day I hope to visit Scotland and go to Campbeltown. I would like to know where they lived exactly. Thanks!
    Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

  2. sandy says:

    I think you’re more familiar with genealogy then me – I don’t really know much at all of my great-grandparents. Like many Scots, I have connections with Canada – my mother was born in Quebec City and died in Edinburgh, while my father was born in Campbeltown and died in Sudbury, Ontario. I’ve managed a couple of visits to Canada in recent years and have thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

    I wish you luck in fulfilling your plans to visit Campbeltown,
    Warsaw, Poland

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