Cheese Sandwiches and a Flask of Barszcz

Bright sunshine today drew me to the Kampinos National Park (Kampinoski Park Narodowy) to test my knee (injured in the autumn) on a 14km hike in the snow in temperatures a little below freezing.

Palmiry Cemetary in Winter Sunshine

Palmiry Cemetary in Winter Sunshine

Starting my walk at the car parking in the village of Palmiry, I made my way to the war cemetary and museum via mainly wide tracks.  My cheese sandwiches and flask of barszcz (beetroot soup) were consumed in the grounds of the museum.  The return to the parking was on mainly narrower winding, and hence more interesting, tracks.

Didn’t meet many people (as is usual in the forest), but extend my thanks to nordic skiers who make the walking easier by compressing the snow.  Lots of bird song and the sound of woodpeckers drilling and a couple of deer in the distance.

Knee didn’t trouble me at all – hoping to be ready for the hills in May!

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