On the road (again).

We appear to have just seen the arrival of spring here in Warsaw. I’ve dusted off my bikes and had a couple of pleasant cycle rides.

However, this only the beginning of my travels – I fly off to Tangier in Morocco this evening on a 3 week business trip. More on this soon….

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One Response to On the road (again).

  1. kath says:

    Glad it’s warmer! We’ve been out in the great outdoors too – not that cold weather stops us 🙂 We were in Snowdonia at the weekend for some scrambling. On the Sunday we also got to use our emergency first aid skills when we put a mans dislocated shoulder back in joint!

    I think Ralph did take some photos (of the scrambling not the shoulder) so will try and get hold of some as it was a lovely day – best weather I’ve ever had on Tryfan! I think I bring the rain and sleet…