New Look

The McMillans’ blog has been given a new look with the Weaver Theme by Bruce Wampler – it has many sub-theme options and is very customisable e.g. the random header images – hope you find it attractive.  The blog previously used Mystique, which has recently been updated to a ‘light’ version which screwed up the site. While I really liked Mystique as a theme, the way it has been upgraded is rather unfortunate – there is a full version, but it can’t be readily installed through the WordPress Admin utilities.  I’ve also dropped Mystique in favour of Weaver on another blog, Project Management Insight – perhaps it’s time to consider the Weaver Plus option as I now have 4 sites using Weaver!

The blog again has lightbox effects – I discovered eventually after some trial and error that the Minify Plugin (which compresses stylesheets and javascript for faster loading) was breaking lightboxes (and perhaps other things). I’ve replaced it with Khang Minh’s Better WordPress Minify which seems to work very well. The blog’s new lightbox plugin, JQuery Colorbox by Arne Franken, supports quite a wide range of options, including a slide show.

Still a few things to do though – need to go through the new header images and reduce the artefacts!

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