A Police Escort & 2 Drunk Girls

Yesterday evening along with 1,410 other cyclists I enjoyed a police escort as we toured Warsaw on the monthly Critical Mass cycle ride. I also met the police in slightly different circumstances a week earlier after my car was vandalised by 2 drunk girls.

Critical Mass

For some time now I’ve thought of joining one of the monthly Critical Mass cycle rides, but with my travelling hadn’t got round to it.  However, having been in Warsaw continuously for some weeks I finally joined the ride yesterday evening.  Having gathered at Plac Zamkowy in Warsaw’s Old Town we set out for a tour through the south of the City.

Assembly at Plac Zamkowy

Assembly at Plac Zamkowy

Plac Trzech Krzyzy

Plac Trzech Krzyzy

Al. Ujazdowskie

Al. Ujazdowskie

The ride was fairly leisurely taking almost 3 hours for 24 km – we were ‘concentrated’ from time to time (as can be seen in the photo in Al Ujazdowskie above), presumably to reduce traffic disruption.  On arriving back at Plac Zamkowy we were told that there had been 1,411 riders (the record number apparently is 2,350).

The aim of Critical Mass is to improve provision for cyclists on the city streets with more cycle lanes, etc.  It’s all slightly difficult at the moment – fines if you go on the footpaths and fines if you go on the road where there’s an adjacent cycle track (no matter how poor it is). The cycle network is slowly expanding, although I often think that the cycle lanes are designed and built by people who’ve never used a bicycle! I’m now looking forward to the next ride at the end of May.

Two Drunk Girls

Damaged Car

Smashed Windscreen

An empty vodka bottle was used to smash the rear windscreen of my car in the early hours of last Saturday.

I saw the damage myself about 7:15 in the morning as I was going out for a cycle ride – nothing I could do at that time, so I just went on with my trip. First surprise was to be phoned on my mobile by the City Guard to tell me that their patrol had seen the broken windscreen and asking me to get in touch with the police – how did they get my mobile number?

When I returned home and was about to start the clean up I found a note from the police asking me to contact them. It seems that the culprits were caught in the act on CCTV on the adjacent building and that they were 2 drunk girls! I gave a statement to the police – although they have the vandals on film, I don’t know if they’ve been identified.

The windscreen’s now repaired – time to think about giving the car a good clean to go with the new clean glass!

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