Lindsay’s Warsaw Visit

Lindsay made a flying visit to Warsaw for the Caledonian Ball on Saturday 14 November 09.  With Lindsay arriving late on the Friday evening and leaving in the middle of the day on Sunday, our activities were confined to a hectic Saturday.

Saturday morning was filled with a cycle ride by the banks of the Vistula, while in the afternoon we went shopping.

Going to a Ball requires a bit of preparation, so the late afternoon passed in a frenzy of ironing, hair washing, etc.  Lindsay was pressed into service to do some emergency repairs to my sporran to re-attach a tassle which had fallen off at the Ball last year.

The Ball was held in the Marriott Hotel this year, and I believe that there were a little over 300 present.  We were entertained by a Polish pipe band from Częstachowa, who piped in the haggis.  As is now traditional, the Ball begins with  Robert Burn’s ‘Address to the Haggis‘, before our dinner with the usual array of Scottish (or vaguely Scottish) dishes.  The whisky on the table wasn’t so plentiful as usual this year, but there was plenty available in the foyer, and lots of wine at the table.  The guests at my table were colleagues and friends with wives and partners – hope Lindsay didn’t feel too young!

The dinner is followed by a ceilidh, with a country dance band from Scotland.  It was great to have a partner who knew the dances (except the Canadian Barn Dance!?!) – we got the whole table dancing (although Irishman Ed seemed a bit bemused much of the time!).

Some of these people don't know it too well either....

..and here's how it should be done!

Having invested more than £100 in raffle tickets (for charity), Lindsay didn’t win anything for me :-(!

We had a really great table this year with everyone staying to the very end.

Lindsay looked super as you can see from the photographs below (click the thumbnails to see Lindsay who’s hiding on the left):

Caledonian Ball 1

Caledonian Ball 1

Caledonian Ball 2

Caledonian Ball 2

Lindsay, many thanks for being my partner and helping to make the evening so enjoyable!


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