Kath & Rob’s Photoshoot at Yat’s Rock

This gallery contains 13 photos.

This gallery contains photos shot at Yat’s Rock on 3 November 2013.

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Kath & Rob’s Wedding – Gallery

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A selection of photos from the Big Day on 2 November 2013!

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Cheese Sandwiches and a Flask of Barszcz

Palmiry Cemetary in Winter Sunshine

Palmiry Cemetary in Winter Sunshine

Bright sunshine today drew me to the Kampinos National Park (Kampinoski Park Narodowy) to test my knee (injured in the autumn) on a 14km hike in the snow in temperatures a little below freezing.

Starting my walk at the car parking in the village of Palmiry, I made my way to the war cemetary and museum via mainly wide tracks.  My cheese sandwiches and flask of barszcz (beetroot soup) were consumed in the grounds of the museum.  The return to the parking was on mainly narrower winding, and hence more interesting, tracks.

Didn’t meet many people (as is usual in the forest), but extend my thanks to nordic skiers who make the walking easier by compressing the snow.  Lots of bird song and the sound of woodpeckers drilling and a couple of deer in the distance.

Knee didn’t trouble me at all – hoping to be ready for the hills in May!

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First Guests at Makosieje 18

Makosieje 18 - Jonathan and Aneta's new holiday home near Ełk in the Mazury

Makosieje 18 – Jonathan and Aneta’s new holiday home near Ełk in the Mazury

In late October Katharine, Neil and I were delighted to be the first guests in Jonathan and Aneta Steer’s new holiday home at Makosieje near Ełk in Mazury, the Polish Lake District.  Ełk, which has 60,000 inhabitants, is the major city at the Eastern end of the Mazury and is well placed for access to all the Lake District’s attractions as well as the region up to the border with Belarus in the east and Russia and Lithuania to the north.

Jonathan and Aneta’s new home is right by the side of a lake (Jezioro Selmęt Wielki) with a circumference of more than 40km!  There are bicycle and walking trails round the lake, through a mixture of rolling farmland and forest.  Ełk, which has a good selection of shopping, restaurants, etc. is about 15 minutes away by car.

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Off the Warsaw tourist trail (almost)!

For some time I’ve been aware that there’s a horse racing track in Warsaw (Tor Służewiec [Polish language website]), but it’s poorly covered in English language tourist guides and websites.  The major races and events at the track do get some press/internet coverage, but typically only in Polish.

I’ve been thinking for some time that I must visit, as I guess that over the years I’ve lived here it’s one of the few things I haven’t done.  Being stuck in Warsaw during August and being at a loose end at weekends, I thought I’d check it out.

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